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PAYNTR – gamechangers

By Adam Tanous

“By fusing a cricket spike with a running shoe, the PAYNTR maximises agility, power, control and comfort. The outcome is performance multiplied.” These are by far the comfiest spikes I’ve ever worn. PAYNTR is the most exciting brand in the cricket footwear department. No questions asked. Based on a running shoe design the PAYNTR X […]

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Bear Cricket – the Kodiak range.

By Sam Brandon

It was back in 2016 when Bear Cricket were first brought to my attention. A friend of mine, nicknamed the Polar Bear because of his giant paws, invested in some pads of theirs, and, in all honesty, I’ve been checking back in at least once a week to see if they’ve released any new lines […]

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Cricket bats: Our picks for 2019

By admin

Leather on willow – there’s no greater sound… When the bowler is at the top of his mark, you’re nervous, as is he – is he going to bowl another long-hop, or maybe a full-bunger? To play or to leave? That is the question us batsmen are faced with in England each summer. And when […]

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Batting Gloves: Our picks for 2019

By Alex Noble

When taking to the crease, it’s important to be armed with the right equipment because as we know, in the battle of batsman vs. bowler, the beauty is in appearing to know exactly what you’re doing (even though we know you don’t), and nothing says that more than donning top of the range gear… and […]