PAYNTR – gamechangers

By Adam Tanous Monday 22nd Jul, 2019

“By fusing a cricket spike with a running shoe, the PAYNTR maximises agility, power, control and comfort. The outcome is performance multiplied.”

These are by far the comfiest spikes I’ve ever worn. PAYNTR is the most exciting brand in the cricket footwear department. No questions asked.

Based on a running shoe design the PAYNTR X MK 3 shoe provides an ergonomic fit, maximises comfort and minimise weight. The iconic ‘X’ logo on the shoes is designed to represent the fusion of a running trainer and a cricket spiked shoe.

Created to revolutionise the way in which the game is played, PAYNTR gives cricketers the comfort of a running shoe whilst providing the functionality of a cricket shoe.

PAYNTR brings about an evolution to cricket footwear to allow it to be an asset to the modern game.

Let’s run through a number of the shoe’s plus points before we get into how they performed…


The sole of the shoe is air-cushioned for shock absorption and spring.


The material around the ankle has increased amount of padding for both comfort ant support. You’ll feel this as soon as your foot slides into the shoe.


PAYNTR X MK 3 shoe has a reinforced toe cap for extra protection.


The layer of material around the middle of the foot is both thicker and softer, providing stability and flexibility when needed


Moulded lugs for extra traction across the ground.

You know what – I’ve tried New Balance, Asics and a number of other brands, but none of them match up to the MK3 shoe.

I’ve been wearing them since the start of the season, so we’re now four games in and they’ve served me extremely well. In fact, last weekend, it was too hot for spikes (I’ve got an injured ankle), so turned to the pimple editions which demonstrated all of the above points. I felt stable, comfortable and supported. In fact, the there is responsive padding around the ankle neckline which is a helpful addition.

he honeycomb insole gives cushioning to the arch of the foot, whilst the PAYNTR side cage and PU upper allow for lasting durability of the shoe. The rubber sole is handy for added traction.

When it comes to value for money, these are right up there. The classic white spikes are available at £89.99 – super comfy, nice snug fit and plenty of support. You can’t go wrong.

The PAYNTR X MK3 Evo Pimple come in slightly cheaper at £69.99 and are excellent for indoor training and even when it’s too hot for spikes.