Batting Gloves: Our picks for 2019

By Alex Noble Monday 29th Oct, 2018

When taking to the crease, it’s important to be armed with the right equipment because as we know, in the battle of batsman vs. bowler, the beauty is in appearing to know exactly what you’re doing (even though we know you don’t), and nothing says that more than donning top of the range gear… and all matching, if you want to be sledged out.

The league’s stalwart may see through your terror technique, but, sometimes you know what sod it, having a pair of gloves that fit seamlessly can often work in your favour.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you do bits in the batting glove department and have compiled a list of our tip three to check out.

2019 Gray Nichllos Legend Batting Gloves: RRP – £98.00

These stunners offer you a deluxe combination of feel and durability, mixed with flexibility and an optimum range of motion. The V design ensures your fully protected when taking on the ball but your range of motion isn’t in any way compromised. The result sees you play without restriction, which obviously helps your case.

What’s more, they’re long-innings friendly, due to their ability to manage moisture because of their elasticated sweatbands.

A wise purchase.

Kookaburra Kahuna Pro Batting Gloves: RRP – £82.00

These beauties possess a Pittards ‘Quartz’ leather palm with anti-wear on palm and heel, which maximise comfort and durability when you’re at the crease. Additionally, their ‘Total Shock Dispersal’ foam combats both perspiration and protection, meaning you’re able to shift all your focus onto the batting, without any distraction.

However long your innings may be, this pair won’t let you down.

2019 Gunn and Moore Diamond Original Batting Gloves: RRP – £75.00

A state of the art glove that delivers in both protection and durability. The palm is made from calf leather whilst the back of the hand contains Pro PU and an additional palm wear patch. These guys are in it with you for the long haul!

In terms of protection, these gloves are a safe bet due to their HD Foam & Fibre finger rolls, as well as multi section hand enhancing flexibility.

Another great choice of hand wear when at the crease.